About Us

Your cargo. Your bike. Hauler Cycles. One Haul of a Ride!

Hauler Cycles is in the business of helping YOU get the most out of your bike. You’ve already got a bike. You’ve got stuff and people to haul. Why buy a separate cargo bike to get around town? Choose a Long Haul (two wheels) or a Big Haul (three wheels) and get more out of your bike. Our patented cargo kit attaches to your bike’s fork. Simply take off your front wheel, attach the Hauler, load up and go!

FAQs about Hauler:

1)    The Hauler’s installation is quick and simple. No disassembly of the bottom bracket is required.  No special tools are required.
2)    The Hauler does NOT require specific bottom bracket sizes or geometries.
3)    The Hauler CAN be used with suspension forks EVEN when the forks allow travel.
4)    The Hauler can quickly transfer from one bike to another without lengthy, involved setup.
Haul on.